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  1. The situation with the TOR-browser

    The Internet is not just a place of opportunity. It has long been used for many and even illegal purposes. For example, there are a lot of bad sides in the Internet space. Many sites are simply illegal in many countries. These are sites related to drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling sites and so on. Many users, of course, are not openly using such sites, as the security service could easily track this whole process. But there is a way to go unnoticed, doing what your heart desires on the Internet.

    Yes, yes, we are talking about onionlinks.net. Thanks to this browser, as well as links that can be found in this browser – the user has the opportunity to visit prohibited sites that block the local Internet service provider.

    On this site you can find a whole list of popular links used by users in this browser. Also, a number of additional, deeper links are published on the site. You can find them on the Internet, but also each user has the opportunity to independently search for the information he needs and surf the sites.

    TOR browser, where onionlinks.net work, uses its own search engine, thanks to which users go unnoticed after all their actions.

    How to use the Onion Links TOR that are presented on the site?

    Everything is very simple, in order to go to forbidden sites – you just need to insert the link you need into the market search bar. After a short download process (especially often this happens if the TOR browser changes the IP addresses one by one) you will get the necessary information.

    After you find out the information you need, do all the necessary actions and leave the site – just before the output itself, the automatic browser system will clear the entire history of your visits, bookmarks, and other actions that you did in the browser. Also, after the exit and the new entrance – you will need to wait until the browser changes the IP address. This is done every time, according to the programming system installed by the developers.

    Tor Browser is a very popular browser among those who do not want to use a large amount of software, constantly making settings manually. This is the only minus of the VPN – it constantly needs to be configured manually, there is no automatic equipment here. But in the situation with the TOR-browser – a completely different situation. Most of his actions work simply in automatic mode. The only thing that the user needs to do manually is to go through the tabs, open, and close the browser after work is finished.

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